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#85772 by Dan
Tue Aug 16, 2011 7:49 pm
I installed new wireless broadband provider after leaving DSL service. Ooma worked with DSL fine but after switching to wireless broadband the Telo at times will not provide dial tone. Power cycled 3 times no change but after removing the phone connection and another recycle the Telo came to life again and supplied dial tone I thought it was fixed but it failed again the next day. This time I checked for battery looking in to Ooma and got 47.5 volts but no dial tone. My connection sequence starting with broadband to Telo is: Wireless Broadband, Ooma , Router. On the Ooma drop side I have removed telco drop from protector and am supplying whole house wiring to Ooma. Any suggestions would be appreciated. My broadband speed measured 17mb down 13mb up so this is not a bandwidth problem.

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