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#84705 by mga
Sun Jul 24, 2011 3:46 pm
I would like to port my home phone number. My Internet service is provided by AT&T via their u-Verse product.

During the porting process it advises customers that if their DSL service is delivered on the same number as their landline, the DSL service needs to be separated from the phone service before porting. Is U-Verse Internet considered DSL service?

#85318 by murphy
Sun Aug 07, 2011 4:52 pm
#85326 by thunderbird
Sun Aug 07, 2011 11:01 pm
It could be either. You should call your local U-verse provider and find out for sure what comes into your home.

See Information from Wikipedia below:

AT&T U-verse

U-verse uses a Fiber to the Node (FTTN) or Fiber to the Premises (FTTP) communications network. This means Fiber-optic communication is used to boxes either within a neighborhood or at each premise. A high-speed variant of Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line technology called ADSL2+ or Very-high-bitrate digital subscriber line (VDSL) are used on the telephone lines to the customers' premises.


Internet service is provided to computers connected to the on-premises Ethernet cabling or a HomePNA residential gateway or DSL modem.

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