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#79223 by mnappi0606
Wed Apr 13, 2011 7:33 am
Message to Thread Moderators: Please do not delete this post like you did my last one. As a paying Ooma customer in the United States of America, you should allow us to share opinions freely. Thank you.

Once again, although I can not "prove it", I distinctly remember voicemail notification without sound clips being included with Ooma Basic.

REGARDLESS of whether it was intended or not, I had that capability for just about a full year. Ooma then pulls the ability without any notification or apologies to me. I was an Ooma fanboy just like you guys. I really was. However, this is just bad customer service. I have no doubt that as time goes on and Ooma gets more popular, Ooma will continually push standard features into their premier bundle to coerce Ooma basic users to start paying monthly. Their manner of dealing with this "bug" shows that they have little interest in showing their free customers that they are valuable. If they did, they would have offered some sort of middle ground to customers like me. For instance, they could have explained in andvance of fixing this so called "bug" that this feature will be a premier feature moving forward, however, due to the fact that they were giving it to me free, they will upgrade me to premier for free for a year to avoid an unexpected interruption in the level of service I was used to receiving.

Honestly, there is no way their business model will survive if they don't have recurring charges like every other phone company. It will essentially turn into a legal bait and switch over time.

Due to their decision to handle this in the way they did, I can no longer recomend this product to friends and family. The cable company has been pitching their triple play to me ever since I left about a year ago and it is starting to look better and better...
#79250 by Razec
Wed Apr 13, 2011 1:02 pm
I have the exact same "problem", my VM notification suddenly stopped working and the only response that I get from support is “that option is for premium customers” (I’ve never been a premium customer) and yet received the VM text notification, it’s a shame that this company is getting greedy and is willing to lose customers for a few pennies..
on the link below the VM to email option is still part of the core service
#79381 by huynhl
Fri Apr 15, 2011 9:02 am
I'm tired of someone exaggerate the monthly phone service cost of other phone company like $65/month to advertise for Ooma. They said that premier service ooma cost $13/month, the monthly cost of phone comapany just about an half of $65, they also forget the fact that in order to use Omma for $13/month, you have to pay in advance $200 to buy Telo not mention that if Telo not working if it passed guarantee period 1 year, you have to buy another Telo for $200. Do the math.
#79385 by southsound
Fri Apr 15, 2011 9:56 am
#79438 by EA PA
Fri Apr 15, 2011 6:32 pm
SS – I had basically the same setup including 2 lines with all the trimmings and myriad taxes. In fact, as I told you before, Frontier told me that it should have been $75/mo and I was getting a great deal at $65 for signing a 2 year contract. Somewhat shocking! :o

As huynhl correctly notes, cheaper plans are available. I can attest to the current availability of a single line POTS with a local plan only for about $25 bucks per month, as I also have.

The astonishingly obvious point here huynhl, is that there is a wide variety of POTS plans out there. Accordingly, another intuitive conclusion; there are therefore innumerable cost benefit and break even points. I’m not going to waste my time to prove my bill to you as SS has so generously offered. If the math does not work for you, frankly keep paying POTS, I could not care less.

And by the way, thank you by for sharing your astute observation that there is up front cost with OOMA. That was a real head slapper for me! I had to rush to do a cost benefit analysis to make sure I was not robbed. When I put pen to paper, here is the real math vs the blather.

Telo 200 Non-recurring
Premier 119.88 Yr
Tax 3.5 Mo
POTS 65 Mo

1 138.5
2 77
3 135.38
4 73.88
5 12.38
6 -49.12
7 -110.62
8 -172.12
9 -233.62
10 -295.12
11 -356.62
12 -418.12
13 -479.62
14 -541.12
15 -482.74
16 -544.24
17 -605.74
18 -667.24
19 -728.74
20 -790.24
21 -851.74
22 -913.24
23 -974.74
24 -1036.24

Wow I am so lucky - not a bad return for me, 5 mo break even, 6 in the money. :cool: I’ll take that bet. Thanks goodness that Frontier has been hammering me so hard. :x

Edit: If I keep getting accused of pushing for OOMA, Ill have to start charging a fee.....
#79556 by mnappi0606
Sat Apr 16, 2011 8:47 pm
Let's talk about math for a minute since my math skills are under attack...

Every Cable company phone offers vm notification as a basic function. So to get the same product from Ooma, premier is required.

Without home phone through the cable company, I am paying $60.00 for direct tv and $50.00 for broadband. Now add Ooma's premier cost $10.00 per month. Total=$120.00 per month. Plus let's not forget about the $200.00 up front cost for Ooma.

I literally just had a cable rep at my door offering me a triple pay package for $80.00 per month locked in for two years. Add an HD DVR for $10.00 per month. Total=$90 per month.

So basically for the next two years, I'm paying an extra $30.00 per month to keep Ooma...

Like I said...this triple play packages are looking better and better. I thought Ooma was my escape from the grasps of the triple play, but removing a basic feature like vm notification makes me rethink their value.


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