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#77752 by ldkronos
Tue Mar 22, 2011 10:43 am
I've been with ooma for 24 hours now and I am thoroughly unimpressed. Yesterday afternoon, I setup my ooma telo and got everything working relatively quickly. Calls in and out worked fine. Last night, I added a second phone number, tested, and it too was fine. So last night I setup my existing phone service to forward to my ooma number (so I can test it out for a while before deciding if I want to port my number).

Today I got to call my ooma account from my cell phone, and it just rings and rings on the cell, but the phone never rings in the house. I then try the opposite, and it works perfectly. In other words, outgoing calls are fine, but not incoming. So I try to call my second line number and I end up getting an what I think was an elementary school (first time she answered "Ms Karen's room", and then when I called back, thinking I had dialed wrong, I got a voicemail for room 204a). So BOTH of my ooma numbers are not working properly.

I call up ooma support and explain the problem, and the lady seems a bit puzzled. Apparently somehow they gave me a number that was ported in from another carrier by a previous customer. She has no idea how I got that number, but she's gonna fix it for me by giving me a brand new number. She assures me this number is not a ported and will work just fine. I hang up, reboot my telo, call out, it works fine, try calling in, and I get an elementary school...this time room 110.

So I had to call ooma back and get ooma to assign me a FOURTH number. This time it finally works (for now at least...my first two numbers worked for at least a few hours). I tell you, this is completely unimpressive. I'm not even sure I want to stick with ooma with this sort of service.
#77754 by lbmofo
Tue Mar 22, 2011 11:03 am
Hmmm...sounds like number management issue with Ooma (or Ooma's carrier(s))?

If indeed the number you got assigned is a ported in number of a previous Ooma customer that cancelled service, the number should have gone through some aging and then snapped back to the original carrier. For sure, not "assign-able" by Ooma nor Ooma's carrier(s).

FCC.gov nanca1r3.doc

7.9 Disconnected Telephone Numbers (Snap-back)

When a ported number is disconnected, that telephone line number will be released (Snap-back), after appropriate aging, back to the original Service Provider assigned the NXX in the LERG.
#77766 by DTMF
Tue Mar 22, 2011 1:00 pm
FWIW, I'll guess that Ooma has to depend on the word of the DID reseller(s) they get numbers from when they acquire numbers for customers. Sometimes the recordkeeping at those resellers or the places they buy from is... um, flawed. That's how mistakes like this happen.

The big phone companies can afford to rent huge batches of numbers all over the country and keep them sitting idle in a "pool" controlled by that company, even though there's a monthly cost for each and every number. A small company like Ooma likely can't afford to pool numbers like that, so they acquire them as needed from resellers.

It shouldn't be a reflection on Ooma's work or their professionalism when that process goes wrong, but alas, 99% of VoIP customers don't realize that there's another layer or two between Ooma and their phone number. :|

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