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#74238 by dschwarz
Wed Feb 02, 2011 9:26 am
I currently have a triple play bundle with Verizon Internet/TV/Phone (Verizon Essentials). I plan to keep Verizon internet and TV and switch to OOMA voice. What is the best / least painful way to port my number? Reading through the forum I have the following steps in mind.

1) Unbundle my phone by switching to a double-play bundle, just TV + Internet. Phone will be separate (and a lot more expensive for the duration of the unbundling?)

2) Start the porting process with OOMA

3) When porting is complete, will Verizon automatically cancel my phone service and billing or do I have to do anything extra?

also, let's say something doesn't work out well (i.e., an incompatiblity with my building intercom system, see my on this subject.) How difficult would it be to port back?
#74254 by lbmofo
Wed Feb 02, 2011 11:27 am
I'd just start the porting process and once port is done, call Verizon to verify they've terminated your phone service and stopped billing you for it.

As for the other question. Worst case, you connect a phone to the walljack just to answer door. Connect a DECT 6 phone to the Ooma so you still can have multiple handsets throughout your home.
#126130 by YoJC
Mon Jan 12, 2015 9:33 am
So, everything went very well. I received my Ooma equipment on Tuesday and was ported by the following Monday.

I used to work in a cellular store and remembered a few key points from when that porting process 1st began.

1) Have your Verizon FIOS bill in front of you when you begin your port application and type exactly what you see. If your bill says 'Street', don't abbreviate with 'St.' or vice versa. If your spouse's name is on the bill, then the port app must have their name on it - spelled exactly the same - no 'Bob' if the FIOS bill says 'Robert' . You can make name changes after the port if needed.

2) Double and triple check the account number. Make sure it's the full account # listed on the bill.

3) Make sure the FIOS bill is paid up to date. AND, make sure you are beyond the contract and will not pay any penalties. I'm only going to Ooma because I'm past the FIOS promotional period and my rate has doubled. I don't like the fact of FIOS hanging my phone number over my head & so now I'm in better control to negotiate.

4) Make sure you choose 'Digital Voice' and 'Verizon FIOS' on the port app, and not the 'Verizon Voice' selection - these are two different divisions in Verizon and it may slow your application down.

5) As they mention, do not cancel your service with Verizon until after the port is fully completed.

Now that I'm done, I'm going to call Verizon tomorrow and switch to a double play deal. If they want to offer a worthwhile triple play promotion, they can give me a generic phone # with it and I still have my longtime home # through Ooma.

It's win-win. Ooma is solid service, but I think this process should work for any other VoIP home service you may consider as well.

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