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#6881 by TonyB
Mon Apr 13, 2009 8:56 pm
Thanks guys!

Today's outage hampered my ability to get this all squared-away, until moments ago...

First, I was dry-looped this morning, about 8 am PT. I simply ran a line (Cat 5) from the Ooma hub, phone port, to the NIB. I kept the DSL on Line 2 (where all of the connection are in the photos) and moved all the other lines to phones and TiVo to the bottom or line 3.

I removed all of the DSL filters, as I believe I read to do so somewhere here and/or in the set-up manual. I'm going to add the *99 code for TiVo now...

Thanks much.
#7044 by TonyB
Tue Apr 14, 2009 9:07 pm
Instead of starting a new thread...

I performed this connection in order to network all of our phones without the needs for multiple Scouts. It's working like a charm!

That said, we do want the instant 2nd line and that necessitates the Scout, as I understand it. I just hooked-up the Scout and I have a red tab, with all 4 bottom lights also in red.

Given how I've wired things to essentially not need a Scout, is this now problematic that I want to use it?

Nevermind. I wasn't using the hub's wall jack! Doing so got the Scout going...

Thanks much!

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