How I got things working

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How I got things working

Post by mrtheferrett » Wed Dec 01, 2010 5:20 pm

This writeup is based on my current network configuration. Yours is probably different but you may find some useful information here.

First, my network configuration:
Comcast Business Class w/ 5 static IP's
Comcast Gateway (cable modem) setup in bridge mode to accommodate the firewall and internal servers
Sonicwall TZ100 firewall with DHCP running for the LAN
A couple of switches
Lots of computers including a mail server

The initial setup worked like a charm (Telo inside the firewall) but when I moved the Telo between the modem and the firewall my problems began. Here's what I did to fix it:

Connected my laptop to the Home port and tried to launch I got the Bluetooth page but all the other cgi scripts wouldn't run and the pages wouldn't display. I tried Firefox/IE/Opera and always had the same problem. Solution? Kaspersky was blocking the scripts. I disabled it on my laptop and the setup interface started working properly. If you have the same problem try temporarily "disabling protection" in your Anti-virus program and see if that clears it up.

Plugged the Telo (internet port) into one of the spare ports on the Comcast modem. Because my modem is in bridge mode (no DHCP) there were no IP addresses for the Telo to acquire/use. Solution? I assigned one of my static IP's to it.

Set the MAC address switch to use the Built-in MAC address and not spoof another one.

Everything now works properly.

A question for the group: Since I have multiple ports on my Comcast modem (one has the firewall, another the Telo) I don't need to use the Telo as a "pass through" to my local network. Consequently the Home port on the Telo isn't connected to anything. Given that I can connect my laptop to it if I need to reconfigure the Telo is there any good reason to plug the Telo into my home network? For those of you with an IT background the Telo is essentially a "router on a stick" and I can't think of any reason to change that. Ideas, thoughts?

Hopefully this will help some of you to get your Telo set up as you want it. I've found lots of good information in these forums and hope this post is a good 'give back'

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