Swapping Base Telo Devices

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Swapping Base Telo Devices

Post by wizlaw » Tue Nov 23, 2010 7:21 am

I recently bought and setup a new Telo device. A week later, I see a Telo package at Costco for the same price but includes a free Telo handset and Telo bluetooth adaptor.. I called up Oooma wanting to switch to the new Telo (returning the old one). The CS rep (probably in India) informed me that the new Telo needs to be active for 30 days before the account is ported over to the new one.. This is completely ridiculous.. What if my old Telo died.. do I need to wait for 30 days then?

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Re: Swapping Base Telo Devices

Post by southsound » Tue Nov 23, 2010 8:52 am

If your Telo died before a year there would be no problem because ooma would RMA you a new one that is already activated to your account.

The reason ooma has the 30-day policy is to prevent what you are trying to do. Believe it or not, ooma (and the retailer) loose money when you do a "price swap" as you are suggesting. Do you think they can sell your returned unit for the sme price as a new one? Do you think that activating the new one with your account information happens automatically with no human intervention?

If you really insist on doing this, then you will need to start with a new account - and if you paid for porting or Premier, then it may be very difficult to realize any profit.

BTW... ooma offshore support is in Manilla. I wonder why people always assume that any technical support given from a (possibly) non-native English speaker has to be in India? A friend of mine called Qwest (our local telco) for support and asked the support person what part of India he had reached. He felt a little embarrassed when her reply was, "Denver, Colorado". :P
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