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#66952 by Zindar
Fri Oct 15, 2010 12:39 pm
Today I just called to cancel my AT&T landline, and they warned me that if I use VOIP instead of a copper landline, the 911 operator might not be able to figure out where I'm located, and I could have very delayed response to emergencies.

In fact, I did call 911 a few weeks ago using my ooma, because my house was taking on water from a breached storm gulley, and I was hoping for the fire department to be able to divert the flowing water, and the operater asked me for my address, which I gave her, and the fire deparment did show up fairly quickly. It wasn't until today that it occurred to me that were I having breathing troubles or some similar health emergency, and couldn't speak but could dial, that I now wonder if 911 could find me. (I don't actually know that 911 didn't already have it, but if they did, I wonder why they asked me to give them my address.)

AT&T says they hope to regain me as a customer based on this reasoning. But I'm wondering if maybe is there some database somewhere that I need to update that might somehow enable the 911 folks to associate my ooma number with a physical address? Or is there any system in place at all for 911 to automatically access my location, or am I just out of luck in this area unless I go back to AT&T? (I would really not like to go back to AT&T.)
#66955 by murphy
Fri Oct 15, 2010 12:50 pm
In the account section of your my.ooma account you specified your service address.
That address is transmitted to the E911 operator.
They probably asked for your address to validate the call.

Call their non-emergency number and ask permission to make a test call to validate your VOIP system.
When you make the test call, have them read back to you the data they were presented with.

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