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#60657 by Gearscout
Sun Jul 25, 2010 10:11 am
I have a couple of nagging questions.

Ooma Telo
Premier Trial
1 Telo handset
multiple wireless phones that are not Ooma products

Call Waiting - Do I have to have Premier and a Telo handset to make this work?

Instant Second Line - Will this NOT work when a normal handset is on a call and another normal handset picks up?

I notice that when the Telo handset is on a call, picking up a regular (Uniden cordless) handset will get an open dialtone. But when it's a regular phone on the call, only the Telo handset gets the fresh dial tone.

If I don't have a "Flash" button on my regular handset, can I move between calls waiting by pressing the "Connect" button?

#64310 by mpatrick14
Thu Sep 09, 2010 3:34 pm
So on this same topic - I know how people hate when you duplicate topics - I just want to get a little clarity:

I currently have the Telo and a non-telo multi handset unit plugged into it. I am paying for Premier

IF I buy one Telo handset, does that mean that Instant Second Line works for both phones?

By works I mean:

If i am on the Telo Handset, and someone calls, does the instant second line ring on the non-Telo multi line? And if someone picks up one of the non-Telo multi handset phones they automatically get the ISL?

And the flip - If i am on the multi-handset system and someone calls, does the Telo ring, and if the Telo is picked up do they automatically get the ISL?

This is the final question I need answered to be able to officially port my cable VOIP and move over to Ooma completely. I work from home, and need to make sure if I just had the one number that I could be on conference calls without someone else in the house picking up, and without all the calls to the house having to be ignored.

And to be clear, I am not asking if ISL works on multiple handsets from the same non-Telo phone system - I know the answer to that is no.

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