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#61093 by cwlo
Fri Jul 30, 2010 1:34 pm
Here's my quandry. I have ATT dsl pro. I have 2 numbers all on the same account number. My main number is the phone line, the second number is the fax machine that is split from the dsl line. I have installed the Telo using a new telephone number from ooma. It works both for the telephone when it is hooked to that line, and for the fax machine when it is hooked to the fax machine. What I would like to do is port my existing numbers to the ooma telo, but I can't loose my current phone and fax numbers. I am not opposed to purchasing another telo for the fax or phone. How would I go about doing this with ATT. I have contacted them and they cannot or will not split the account. Thanks for any help.

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