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#60431 by Skip
Thu Jul 22, 2010 11:35 am
Any help very appreciated!

Two problems making my telo useless:

1. It haphazardly switches from line 1 to 2 during calls. i can switch back manually but it takes a moment to return.

2. It periodically announces "the do not disturb feature is only available with Ooma Premier" (which i don't have) and keeps announcing it over and over until i unplug it. then my internet is down until reboot. (i'm configured with phone before router.) extremely annoying.

i've done a factory reset. rebooted everything. tried all the different settings.

again, any help appreciated!

#60454 by Skip
Thu Jul 22, 2010 5:45 pm
Yes, started happening after account changed to basic service.

I never press the envelope button.

Yes, I did a factory reset by pressing down on the large curly logo, powering the unit on, and continuing to hold the "button" for almost a minute.

Happy to answer any more questions that may help figure this out (it's close to useless right now, as I have to stand there and keep pressing the line 1 button over and over, with the attendant disruption of the conversation).

#60472 by murphy
Fri Jul 23, 2010 2:32 am
That's not how you do a factory reset.
I don't have the procedure handy right now but I would expect a search of the forum for factory reset to find the instructions.

I found it.

How to factory reset a Telo

Since Telo firmware version 32829, the light sequence on factory reset is slightly different:

1. Power off the Telo unit, wait around 15 seconds, then power it back on,

2. When the logo starts flashing RED, press and hold 'Stop' and 'Trash' keys at the same time,

3. The logo should then flash alternatively BLUE and RED,

4. Release the 'Stop' and 'Trash' keys when the logo turns solid BLUE (not RED as it used to be), then it takes around 30 more seconds before it goes to step 5 (the play button light goes amber, the logo light goes off, ...) - be patient - DO NOT unplug the power otherwise the factory reset is not effective !!

5. The unit is factory reset and restarts by itself -- this is shown by the fact that line 1 and line 2 buttons turn blue, then next row (trash and envelope buttons) turns blue, then runway lighting on bottom row .....
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#60858 by Skip
Wed Jul 28, 2010 8:17 am
Thanks for the proper reset instructions. It didn't change anything but i did find the answer (time is suggesting it so anyway): My unit was getting electronic interference by proximity to my printer. Moving it away appears to have stopped both symptoms. Helpers here take note!

Appreciate the help folks.

Not sure how I used my number as my login. Will change it.


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