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#58406 by ntoy
Mon Jun 21, 2010 3:30 pm

Not necessarily, but I do recommend it. Once you receive a confirmation email from Ooma that your number
is now port complete & working, it doesn't hurt to call your phone company to confirm so that they do not continue to bill you automatically.
#58435 by jakeman02
Mon Jun 21, 2010 9:13 pm
My port recently completed from AT&T and I called the next day to confirm. They told me it wasn't necessary but I'd still recommend it and take notes, that way you'll have something to fall back on if they mess things up.

Also, I don't know how other companies work but once my number was removed from my AT&T Account I was limited to paying the final bill via phone(with a fee) or by snail mail. Plus they moved the due back a week from what it normally was, had I waited till my normal due date it would have been late. I also noticed when I logged into my account they automatically changed me to paperless billing when the number was removed so I probably wouldn't have gotten a bill or been notified until other fees started piling up if I hadn't called. I got an address and mailed it in to avoid the fee, with a nice letter of what I thought about all the little changes they make to the account for a final bill. Fortunately everything went ok. To be safe stay on top it.

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