ooma problems: 2nd line & VM

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ooma problems: 2nd line & VM

Post by identical » Tue Mar 23, 2010 1:28 pm

We have the premier package. We (not me) decided to go with integrated landline instead of keeping ooma separate until number was ported (would have been my choice).

Here are our problems:

- we hear tone (call waiting), but when we switch over (via handset or ooma hub) all we get is a dial tone
- we have swapped out phones to see if problem persists (it does)
- VM is setup (in theory), but when ooma is allowed to answer (as opposed to phone - baseset has VM capability)
the greeting plays and a message is left, but when the VM play button is pressed ooma says "no new messages"

Has anyone in the ooma world experienced any of these problems?



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