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#50795 by joedaddy
Thu Mar 18, 2010 10:33 pm
So I notice that I am being charged 9.5 cent per minute to call Korea, instead of the 8.4 cent noted on the international rate page. This is in addition to 3.9 cent connection fee per call (but i recently joined premier/international bundle, so this should be gone)

This is my conversation with the useless customer service.

Me: why am i being charged 9.5 cent instead of 8.4 cent.
Ooma: we charge a 20% TAX on all calls.
Me: 1.1 cent is NOT 20% of 8.4 cent.
Ooma: ... ... ... oh.. it's about 12.5%
Me: who is charging this tax?
Ooma: the US Government...
Me: I thought I already pay that with $11.75/yr fee..
Ooma: No.
Me: Isn't that false advertisement?
Ooma: No.

i hate Ooma.
#50801 by Groundhound
Fri Mar 19, 2010 4:37 am
Ooma does state there is a FUSF fee on their rates page: , but IMO don't do a good job of distinguishing it from the separate connection fee that's waived if you buy the $4.99 package. You can Google FUSF and find out the current percentage. Ooma could avoid confusion about this if they posted what the % rate was or added the words "In addition" to the description of the connection fee to better distinguish it from the FUSF.

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