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#50370 by bonanz
Sat Mar 13, 2010 8:17 pm
I just activated my hub/scout. I chose the option to have a temporary number until the port goes through.
I'm confused about the hookup portion about it being necessary to hook my ooma up to the wall phone jack. I hope to continue to have my real number active through the cable company, and just have ooma temp number in the meantime.

I have the cable modem (which also handles the phone) in the office. I was going to hook up the hub as directed in between my modem and my router.

My question is, the directions also say you must have the "WALL" port plugged into the phone port in the wall. The problem is I only have one port in the ooffice room where the modem is, so the cable modem with my current real phone number plugs into that and goes throughout the house.

I wanted to just hook up ooma in between the modem and router adn plug a spare phone directly into that and be able to test/play around with spare number while I waited for teh port, then be able to plug the hub into the phone jack to use throughout the whole house once we have the number ported.

Is this possible? will not plugging the hub into the wall have any effect other than only being able to access the ooma temp number only on that phone (which is what i want). Or is there some purpose during the porting process of having the ooma plugged into the wall?

and if it does need to be plugged into the wall, should I just get a splitter? and if that works i'll be able to use the ooma temp number on the one phone and my current number will work as expected until the port?

THanks in advance
#50383 by murphy
Sun Mar 14, 2010 3:30 am
If you got a temporary number there is no need to connect your existing phone line to the hub.
Leave your existing phone system as is until the port is completed. Connect another phone to the phone jack on the hub.
Connect the wall port of the hub to the wall port of the scout. Connect a third phone to the phone jack on the scout.
Once your port is completed you can deal with putting dial tone and / or the hub to scout connection through the wires in your walls.
#50391 by bonanz
Sun Mar 14, 2010 7:12 am
Thanks for the response!

Do I need to have the scout hooked up for the port? Or can I just hook it up later once it's done? I don't have a 3rd phone lol. I only have the main set of cordless phones (with one "Mother" unit) and one regular phone i was gonna hook up to the hub. Will not having the scout hooked up screw something up?
#50392 by southsound
Sun Mar 14, 2010 7:15 am

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