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#48387 by Morpheus
Wed Feb 24, 2010 4:21 pm
Came home to my Telo having a solid red Ooma logo on the Telo and the 1 and 2 only on. My connection is as follows:

Cable Modem -> Telo -> Router -> Home Network

Doing nothing I can access my Router and my other internal network items with no problem, but I'm unable to access the Telo setup page.

I unplug my Telo from my Router and Cable Modem and run a direct connect from my Cable Modem to my Router. I go into my Router and renew my DHCP setting and it grabs an IP from the cable modem and I'm now on the Internet with no problems.

I now reconnect my Telo to the Cable Modem and Router. I turn off my cable Modem, Router, and Telo. I now power on my Cable Modem and allow it to come back fully. I now turn on my Telo and it boots normally (all good), and I finally plug back in my Router and renew the DHCP and it grabs an IP and I'm now back on the Internet and able to receive calls.

If it's not the handsets on a black screen it's the Telo locked up!

Do I need to replace the Telo?
#48405 by murphy
Wed Feb 24, 2010 6:01 pm
Connect to the Telo setup page and go to the network page. Click the radio button for "Use built in MAC address and then click update. Power cycle the modem.

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