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#43010 by aviateur
Thu Jan 21, 2010 1:29 pm
Here is my setup:

I have a premier account
I have 2 phone number assigned to my telo (let's say A and B for the ease of use)
I have a multifunction fax machine (a Dell 1600N) connected as a passthrough behind my telo and a regular phone connected to the fax.
The Dell 1600N is capable of answering on fax based on distinctive ringing (it can learn the pattern).

Telo line 1 = Line A is configured with ring pattern s-s-l-l, fax disabled
Telo line 2 = Line B is configured with ring pattern l-l-s-s, fax enabled
Voicemail on Telo is setup as 36 seconds (6 rings)
Dell 1600N is configured to answer on 3 rings and to detect distinctive ring pattern l-l-s-s

I tried from my cell phone and when I call line 1 (A), the fax does not pickup and the call goes to voicemail
When I call line 2, the fax pickup after the 3 ring and send the fax carrier but then the Ooma goes kaput and reboot or the call is sent to voicemail.

Did Ooma ever tested this kind of config?
Why is the telo rebooting when the fax carrier is sent from the Dell 1600N?
Is there a bug in the fax module of the Telo?
How do I fix it so it works?

#43020 by murphy
Thu Jan 21, 2010 1:39 pm
If you were testing this within the last hour the problem is with the ooma servers.
Hold off on your testing until they get the servers stabilized.

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