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#39186 by southsound
Wed Dec 30, 2009 11:19 am
#39344 by amoney
Wed Dec 30, 2009 7:07 pm

1. Return to sender the UPS package.
2. Call credit card company and dispute charge.

There are easy solutions, I understand that Ooma should be the responsible party to resolve simple issues, but as I think we all know what we are undertaking with resource limited company like Ooma, we still have other means of resolve. No need to get worked up.

Note I have my own refund debacle begining. Although I have just initiated the refund request, I am interested to see my results. We will see. But as I indicated I have my options.

Hope you get your refund soon.
#41348 by The Talker
Mon Jan 11, 2010 2:01 pm
I have had a few refund/credit due transactions with Ooma and Amazon.
The Amazon went nearly perfect and without any human to human interaction, sort of speak. It was all done online. Just one more small question in with Amazon and I will consider my money issues with Amazon closed. Case closed, business done right.

With Ooma, I have had several issues. After reading about other folks problems here and after 2 calls in with support and sales departments, I felt I wouldn't get satisfactory results. So, I decided to just go straight to the top.
My email to one of the Big Cheeses got filter down the chain to someone who would, and did, take care of my issues with Ooma hardware, firmware, account problems and refunds. To date, Ooma and I are squared up on the money. Now to get the Lifetime Premier to display on my account.

I will say, most of the issues I have had have been 'behind the scenes' type stuff. The system works and sounds great for me. We'll see how that is once the my number is ported later this week.

I do find it bad for this company that it's users to have to use this message board as a self help and members helping each other solutions when it should just work right the first time straight out of the box. Which it seems to do much of the time.

I do see the moderating staff is helpful but they seem understaffed. There are still so many people having problems.

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