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#13008 by screamerUSA1
Mon Jul 13, 2009 9:54 am
Hi All, I'm a new Ooma customer and I have a few questions, actually lotsa questions.

I know I'm going to hear RTFM. I did Read The F'n Manual. These are just some of the points I'm confused about.

Yesterday I purchased Ooma. I'm quite excited to get my service up-n-running and fine tuned. I had to do a strange (ish) hook-up since my home Internet connection is not a typical plug-n-play deal. I tried the connections in the setup guide, but couldn't get data to pass through the hub, therefore, no Internet & no Ooma initialization. I'll explain it; if you know of a better connection, I'll try it, but keep in mind, this works fine as is, "I think". What I mean by this is, it's the only connection where I get both Internet & Ooma Dialtone.

Motorola SBV5322 Cable modem feeds a Cisco 851 router / switch that provides 5 Static IP's. Out of the first (Cisco) LAN port it feeds the WAN port on a D-Link Dir 655 wireless router. Out of a LAN port on the Dir-655 it feeds the Modem port on the Ooma Hub. Nothing on the Home port of the hub. This router has Qos. I just set it to Auto, I'll fine tune if necessary. But as it stands the VOIP test run all seems to be OK.
img attached:
My home has 7phns. They are all home runs back to a punchdown block. That's where they meet Verizon feed. BTW all the phones are cordless Unidens, the old 900Mhz jobs that you know is in your hand while holding. Each has its own base station & spkrphn.

The Phn & Wall ports are not switched on the hub. I assume the only way to have Ooma work on the other 6 phn's, is having them switched? When I do switch, I get no dialtone, and one of the two Ooma line buttons stays Red, indicating a short on the line.
Also, I want to port my number. I read somewhere (forum or Guide) that the phn line switch is necessary if you want to port your number. Please someone correct me if I'm wrong.

I plan to test drive the Ooma service for 29days. If all goes well, I plan to keep the service as well as enrolling in the Premier plan. How can I save the $39.00 porting fee if I do not pay the $99.00 fee for Premier until after my test drive is up? My Guess --> I wait to port number until my test drive is up?

I have the Hub & 1 Scout. These two phones have the Ooma Dialtone. The other phones do not have the Ooma Dialtone. Are they still on the Ooma network / service? Or do I need to have a Scout for every extension? Quite frankly, that would be a drag.

Disable Call Waiting Tone: Is this service an "either or" type. Either have a second line -or Call Waiting tone? Some of the manual is (at least to me) poorly written.

Thanks for reading my rant. If anyone has any questions, comments, or solutions, feel free to jump in here. I'd like to hear anything anyone has to say.

Ooma Qos.gif
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#13031 by Groundhound
Mon Jul 13, 2009 5:05 pm
Looking at your sketch, I assume that behind the block (the part we can't see) all Line1 runs are connected in parallel and the same is true for all Line2 runs. Also, you have two lines at present with Verizon? If so, do you plan to port both numbers?

With this setup as I understand it, I would connect my ooma hub's phone port to Line1 at the jack in that room (use a simple duplex splitter if you also need a Line1 phone in that room). This will provide Line1 dial tone to all jacks. I would then connect the hub's wall port to Line2 using a Line1/Line2 splitter ( or separate jack and then place scouts in your den, basement, and office with wall ports connected to Line2 and phones connected to their respective phone ports to handle both lines.

Edit: If your phones are two-line phones, you could feed dial tone to Line2 from a single scout's phone port in the same room as your hub (hub and scout wall ports connected directly without going through house wiring) and connect the phones to both Line1 and Line2 in the conventional manner.
#13035 by Groundhound
Mon Jul 13, 2009 7:04 pm
Where is the hub located now, basement or office? Are the phones in the basement, office, and den single line phones or 2-line phones? Which rooms do you want, in addition to 2-line capability, an ooma device to check voice mail?
#13057 by southsound
Tue Jul 14, 2009 7:29 am

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