Having trouble placing or receiving calls or using your voicemail system on Ooma Telo VoIP Phones? Post your questions here.
#106085 by kokomojoeb
Sun Feb 03, 2013 9:37 am
I hope someone has an answer. This week my wife's sister has not been able to call in and we can't call her. All that happens is a ring if she calls us but no audio from her. When we call her, she can hear us usually but we can't hear from her. I have rebooted both the ooma and our cable modem with no success. Any suggestions???? :(
#106088 by thunderbird
Sun Feb 03, 2013 11:36 am
Some things to try:
Make sure the Envelope (Do Not Disturb) button on the face of the Ooma Telo is not yellow. Press the Envelope button until you hear a voice announcement and the button turns yellow. Press the Envelope button again until you hear a voice announcement and it turns blue. Then test by making and receiving phone calls to/from your Ooma Telo.

Go into My Ooma and temporarily turn off Blacklists https://my.ooma.com/blacklists , Privacy Preferences at https://my.ooma.com/privacy , and turn on Enable Ten digit Calling at https://my.ooma.com/system . Then test.

Power off the Ooma Telo for one hour. This allows the Ooma Servers to rebuild/repair your Ooma Profile. Then repower the Ooma Telo and test.
#106146 by greenwml
Tue Feb 05, 2013 6:56 pm
The fix proposed by thunderbird didn't seem to provide any improvement, rather couldn't make any outgoing calls after the recycle. I looked through the logs on my firewall and found that Ooma is using new UDP ports that aren't noted in their documentation. If you change the destination port that is currently listed as 10000 - 20000 to 10000 - 30000 it seems to fix the issue. After doing this, I found several other posts that have come across this as a fix over the past week.

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