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#68669 by bookemdano
Tue Nov 09, 2010 11:50 am
Hi all,

I'm attempting to port an AT&T landline (SF Bay Area) to my ooma service--only I'm really trying to get it to happen in a window from 11/22-11/24. I submitted the port request yesterday, and got an e-mail back with an estimated port date of 11/16. That's a bit too early, and so I e-mailed ooma to see if they could request a date in the range I desired. They replied back and said they could not. But they also indicated that the estimated date and the actual date of the port can differ.

So I'm just looking for anyone else's experience who has ported in the last month or so. Assuming you did not have any other delaying issues (wrong name or other info on LOA, distinctive ring or other unique circumstances), did the estimated date provided by ooma end up being the date the port ended up happening on?

Because I think I still have the option to cancel this port request and then re-place it in about 5-6 days which should then give me an estimated port date in the 11/22-24 window I desire. But I don't want to do that if this estimated date is likely to be wrong.

I know ooma will confirm a date eventually, but given that could take a few days (and I think I can only cancel the port up to 5 days before the port date) I was trying to get a feel now for how "accurate" those estimates are--again, assuming no other issues occur that hold up ports.

I'm especially interesting in hearing from people who ported from AT&T in the SF Bay Area, but all replies are welcome.

Thank you!
#69080 by prabhatmishra
Mon Nov 15, 2010 2:00 pm
I am in the bay area as well and trying to port my land line from AT&T. I requested the port on 11/2. My request was accepted as everything was in order. I got an email from Ooma very quickly that estimated completion date was 11/10/10. However, it has still no happened yet. They have no reasons for the delay except that "AT&T has not confirmed the port date yet". I have called them 3 times so far but never got a satisfactory answer except "wait for an email from us when we hear back from AT&T". Very frustrating.

#69405 by matchorno
Fri Nov 19, 2010 3:52 pm
bookemdano wrote:Because I think I still have the option to cancel this port request ...

Think again...I tried to cancel my porting a week before it was to happen, and had no luck. See my post below that I posted on another thread...

Be careful to NOT even BEGIN to port your number until you are absolutely sure you are happy with their service. As you can see in my posts above, I have been having chronic problems with audio delay that hasn't been resolved as of yet. Well, I didn't foresee that when I first activated my account. I ass-u-me-d that it would work so I happily requested my current number to be ported from my current service provider. Well...I got screwed out of my $40 fee. Here is a summary of my nightmare experience with both ooma and verizon...

1. Submitted request for porting.
2. Have audio delay problems.
3. Contacted ooma a solid week before porting was to be completed in order to freeze and/or cancel porting since I don't want to lose my number/current phone service if the ooma problem wouldn't be fixed.
4. They said they would process my request.
5. Some days later I contacted them again, asking how my cancel request was coming since I hadn't heard anything.
6. They tell me that they can't cancel it since it has already been initiated. They told me I had to contact Verizon and get them to cancel ask them for a "snapback".
7. I call Verizon yesterday, they tell me that to do that, I need to call their "winback" department tomorrow (which is today) to do that. Note: at this point, it is getting late in the process as porting was scheduled for today (Friday)
8. I call Verizon this morning as told by their rep yesterday.
9. Except they tell me that since the number hasn't been ported yet, I have to call Ooma to cancel. So now each service is telling me to call the other one.
10. So I call ooma earlier today to request once again to cancel, as instructed by Verizon.
11. The ooma guy there tells me everything's o.k., it's already been canceled. I asked him about the $40 fee to port. He tells me, yes, that will be credited back to my credit card since the porting was canceled.
12. I get home after work today and see an email in my inbox saying, "congratulations, your number has been ported". Note: the timestamp was well after the time I called them (when they had told me it was canceled).
13. I call ooma, tell them what happened...asking what's the deal...was it canceled or not?
14. They tell me no, my number was ported.
15. He reads all the case notes, my record of emails and phone calls, apologizes and says, "let me see what I can do for you".
16. Puts me on hold for 5 minutes, comes back and says, it's too late to get my money back since the $40 was charged already when the number was ported. HUH!?!?!?
17. I tell him that the guy told me it was already canceled...he basically says(my words, not his) "too bad, he was lying to're screwed and we won't budge an inch..."even though I understand...sorry I couldn't help you".

How's that for customer service.


The moral of the lesson NOT even initiate the porting of your number unless you are dead sure you want to keep it. Because nothing can stop that roll down the mountain once it begins. ooma screwed me over.
#69418 by bookemdano
Fri Nov 19, 2010 8:20 pm
Thanks for the replies, guys. Wow matchorno, you really got screwed. I too have had some terrible exchanges with Ooma tech support, but then again I've also had terrible exchanges with AT&T tech support.

Anyway, in my case the estimated port date did indeed turn out to be the actual port date. I allowed it to complete (didn't want to mess around trying to delay it and possibly cause problems). The good news is that it went smoothly and so far my hub is working fine.

Prabhatmishra did you ensure that the name and address you submitted in your port request exactly matched the ones on your AT&T bill? I can't stress enough how important that is. I also sent Ooma a copy of my most recent AT&T bill so they could verify my account information.

I think Ooma has a dedicated porting department--read some of the threads here and I think there is an e-mail address or some other contact info.
#69590 by EricJRW
Tue Nov 23, 2010 2:02 pm
dschmidt_2000 wrote:My port from AT&T took 1 calendar week exactly to complete and was the date that Ooma gave me.

I hope mine goes that fast!
#69670 by Bill_B
Thu Nov 25, 2010 6:24 am
MY port took quite a while. In fact, the port completion date was moved after the date had past and Ooma didn't hear anything from AT&T. There were no errors or anything with the information, though I did have DSL on the same number that was to be canceled as well. I actually suspect it had more to do with the final bill than anything else. Ooma support could offer nothing other than to wait for a reply from AT&T. They did offer to try and re-contact them.

I contacted AT&T directly myself and they could only indicate that a service cancellation was in process. I guess the only thing to do is wait. It will eventually happen, but they are not in any particular hurry.
#69755 by EricJRW
Sun Nov 28, 2010 10:57 am
lbmofo wrote:The good news is when you port out, it will be free.....but you'd have to pay every month, big time.

Could you explain that? Why free and why then pay every month? Do you mean going back to the phone company? I've always been curious about what happens if I port away from ooma.

Anyway, my port is scheduled to complete 12/6 with an initiated date of 11/23. Can't complain about that (if it goes well).

Oh, and the porting FAQ clearly states if you are less than 5 days away from the completion date, there will be no refund as they can't cancel the request (I did not check to see if this is the OP's case). ... /related/1
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