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#68271 by networkingman
Thu Nov 04, 2010 7:26 am
Hello. I've had an ongoing issue for nearly 2 months now with Ooma support with no resolution. Every time I attempt a call to Canada (not exactly an exotic location), I get the Ooma message that my prepaid account is zero. I clearly have funds in there to complete an international phone call. This all started when I moved across country and had Ooma change my phone number to the area code I was moving to. I explained this to each support person to be told that can't be possible. Well, I was able to dial Canada before the number change so what else can it be? I was hoping someone could help me - PLEASE!
#68312 by networkingman
Thu Nov 04, 2010 5:23 pm
lbmofo wrote:One thing you can try before ntoy gets back to you enable ooma mobile to see if that kick starts your prepaid account (probably in some weird state even with a balance).

My ooma, preferences, ooma mobile, enable.

Thanks for the suggestion. I tried this and even rebooted the Ooma hub, but it didn't work.

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