international calls questions

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international calls questions

Post by hwm5258 » Wed Mar 11, 2009 1:27 pm

I had a couple questions when using the international calling feathures.

1. It seems that the international calls can't be completed most of the time. I have tried to call China. Only 1 out of 7 was successful. Most of the times, I can hear a woman's voice saying "your call cannot be completed at this time." Is there a better time than other to call abroad?

2. I was surprised to find out that my money was deducted even before I talked with anyone. Once a while I got lucky and the phone was connected. Nobody on the other end picked up the phone. I was charged for the waiting. Is it supposed to work like this?

3. According to Ooma website, international call rates to China are as:
86 China $ 0.025
86 13 China - Mobile $ 0.025
86 140 China - Mobile $ 0.025
86 153 China - Mobile $ 0.23
86 159 China - Mobile $ 0.23
86 886 China - Mobile $ 0.023
For my $10 international call credit, I should have 400 minutes available. However, the message after I dailed the number said I had only 40 minutes. What happened?
The number I dialed is 86-871(city code)-4311xxx(house landline).
I also have an error ring in calling a chinese mobile number. I tried 86-1357707xxxx. Chinese mobile had 11 numbers and it looked like ooma didn't recognize it at all. Or is it a special way to dial an international number?

I have tried to call the customer service, but not successful. Then sent an email on 3/6, still no response yet. It seems I get answered here much faster.

Can anybody help? Thanks a lot!

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