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#66094 by nashkato
Mon Oct 04, 2010 9:37 am
The nick names associated with my "contacts" have stopped showing up on my caller id, as of last Friday. Probably not coincidentally, this was the day that I (successfully) ported our phone number from Vonage. I still have CID with the correct numbers shown; it just shows whatever is in the default CID directory as if they were not "contacts."

My Ooma Call Log does show the nicknames correctly. I have cycled the power (reset) our Telo and our phones and modem several times. I have also removed and reset some of the My Contacts entries. No impact.

The customized CID for contacts was working fine prior to the port last Friday. I have Telo and Uniden DECT-1560-2 phones (but again, it was working fine prior to last Friday's port).

Emailed Ooma customer service, but the generic reply was extremely unhelpful and clearly did not reflect a reading of my message. It was just a (personalized) form response asking a bunch of questions and offered suggestions that I already stated that I had done.

Please help! Thanks.

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