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#4310 by bmice
Tue Mar 10, 2009 11:21 am
For the record

This should help Yourself, OOMA Support(Freeing up phone time for other issues), and the products longevity.

After you have completed the LOA:

1.) Follow up with the company you are porting your number from.
2.) Put the pressure on them to get the process completed.
3.) Ask them if they have received the paperwork.
4.) If they dont, call them until they have.
5.) When they do, get the case numbers, order numbers, who you spoke with, etc...
6.) They will be able to give you a date of when they can or did release your number.
7.) Once you have that, email ooma support with all of the collected information.

You must take the time to do these steps.

If anyone needs extra advice or input with their porting process, I will do my best to help guide you.

This post I hope will help the thousands of people needing some closure.
I dont think most of us would mind doing this if we expected it up front.

Original title: ooma cust service worthless-have no idea of porting process

i have now been without phone service for a week! we have called our carrier (as ooma indicated it was their fault) and have all the case/order numbers and what ooma tells us is a different. they will tell you anything to get you off of the phone as we have seen this many times. we sit on hold for over an hour then get disconnected.

my number was released by my carrier on 3/6. i have never received an email confirming anything of the sort even though we were told the porting process was complete. there are very few support folks and it seems they know who we are because of our numerous calls. they now wont take our calls and will not respond to our emails.

here is the twist. i am a reseller of the product with my own isp. this product worked great until they bungled the port. i have dealt with telco's all over the us and this isnt normal to be without service....not even for a short time. this is a programming issue with folks who are over their head. i have sold many of these units and my reputation is also at steak. i would like to speak with the director of marketing Rich Buchanen so we may discuss the reprocussions of switch and bait marketing and the effects it has on the general public. kind of hard to sell a product you are authorized to sell when you cant use it or get support.

1.) what do i tell people that i have told can come and make free phone calls to try this out?
2.) what do i do to get my service working again?
3.) who do i call when the support folks cant/wont help?

we checked into this and tried on another line before porting any other "important" numbers. problems....yes...but it works finally.

i dont mean to cry in my beer but as an american i am sick and tired of covering for corporate america while they get rich. Time to buck up and hold people accountable for their actions or in this case lack of!

can anyone help?
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#4349 by bmice
Tue Mar 10, 2009 7:04 pm
finally after spending over an hour again(no disconnect this time) this problem seems to be getting resolved. As with all customer service i recommend calling until you get that needle in a haystack that is willing to help. although the carrier here may be partly to blame, they werent the ones who repeatedly igored the proper follow up. i would have been more than happy to have some down time, nothing prepares you for a week of down-time. If not for our relentless quest for accountablility, i would surmise my phone would still not work.

time is the key now. so far we have had several wierd numbers call (maybe testing). when you pick up the one is there. the calls we normally get have stopped calling us as they have been getting the notification since last tuseday our number had been disconnected!
#4376 by rbuck
Wed Mar 11, 2009 9:03 am
Support is expensive. Ooma is free. I just expect support stuff to take longer than a paid service and patiently hold when I have a problem. When I do get someone, usually about 30 mins of hold time, they always have helped me with my issue.
#4408 by bmice
Wed Mar 11, 2009 3:07 pm
thanks for the response!

we wouldnt support this product if we didnt believe in it. price is a great thing. bad excuse though to aviod responsibilty.

botom line here is problem is fixed and though problems were experienced the end result is there.

we will never sacrifice our end users right to be treated fairly.

hail ooma!
#4425 by bmice
Wed Mar 11, 2009 6:07 pm
the title did what it was intended to do!

hang in there and keep good records.....we have lots of data to make our statements.....get the right guy and you will get taken care of!

commit to taking the time to make it work.

in all this is a lot better than local or national providers once up and going.

we use many boxes by the way, so we have seen the sway in the way the process is handled.

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