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#64129 by southsound
Tue Sep 07, 2010 5:22 pm
Typically, unless provided by your local telco, 800 numbers are merely forwarded numbers to another number. If your existing service is with a forwarding service, you can just point the calls to your ooma number. If you are using a telco now, then what you could do for a pretty low cost is use a service like to port your number and then use failover to forward the number to your ooma system. Cost would be minimal compared to many other services. I use them to access my Google Voice number using an 888 number. Cost to port the number is $25.00 then the cost to maintain the number is something like $0.99 per month with $0.029 per minute. Your outgoing portion of the forwarded call would be billed at either $0.0105 pr $0.0125 depending on your choice of configuration. Billing is in 6 second increments. An ATA is not required.

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