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#63092 by nitsudima
Wed Aug 25, 2010 10:45 am
I set up a Telo about a month ago. I started the number porting process and have been using a temporary number on the Telo in the meantime. There was a problem with the port, likely caused by the fact that Verizon's service areas in the Midwest were sold to another company called Frontier and the changeover took place in July. I'm assuming that my port request came right when Verizon got rid of me as a customer but Frontier still hadn't figured out which way was up with their new accounts.

I realized this might be a problem soon after submitting an LOA for the port, so I called customer support and was told everything would be okay. About a week later, however, my Port Request page on MyOoma listed a problem and "Action Required." Since I didn't have luck with a live rep, I emailed customer service. They responded a few days later, acknowledged the problem, and requested a copy of my last phone bill. I promptly sent it to them and received a polite and encouraging confirmation email from them on Aug 11. That was the last I've heard from them despite a few "Can you provide any new information?" emails I've since sent since then. No change on the Port Status page, either -- it still says "Action Required."

Can anyone suggest other ways to contact support that may yield better results? I would have thought sending email to the people directly responsible for the port would be most effective, but I'm wondering now if I'd have more luck with the generic support email. I'm not even sure if the Verizon/Frontier change is the issue -- I'm completely in the dark on what's going on, and in the meantime I'm still paying for my landline that I was really hoping to get rid of sooner rather than later.

I was mostly pleased with the results I had with support at the outset of this issue, but I'm quickly becoming disillusioned with their lack of updates. I certainly don't need an email whenever any small detail changes, but I'm not even sure what the big picture issue is here.

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