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#4810 by oomg
Tue Mar 17, 2009 6:24 am
FWIW, I had a similar problem... significant slow down of my internet speed. I have AT&T DSL (highest speed available) and D-Link router with 4 out ports. I had installed as instructed in the manual, and ooma seemed to work well, but my speed as well as the speed of the others on the wireless connection suffered.

I tried the following: connected one router port to computer via ethernet cable; connected a second router port to the "modem" port on the Hub via separate ethernet cable (nothng connected to ooma "home" port); phone unit connected to the "phone" plug; and the "wall" plug connected directly to the Scout with a separate phone connected behind the Scout.

Result: ooma phones (at Hub and Scout) work exactly like they are supposed to work and my internet speed increased approximately tenfold (yes... you read that correctly... wireless users increased approximately 5x).

My home number is scheduled to port in a week or so. Then I will connect the remainder of the Scouts that I have planned for the system. Right now, I see no reason why it should not work, but I will report once completed.

As a side note, for business reasons, I also have a T-Mobile @home service (two lines) connected for use in my home office. It has a separate ethernet cable from the router to the unit. That system is working flawlessly as well.

Given my limited knowledge, I see no reason why the same wiring could not be applied to a cable based service through a multiport router.


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