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#61270 by lindatraylor
Sun Aug 01, 2010 6:35 pm
Problem: Phantom incoming calls occur approximately every hour. The phone rings once with no further disturbance. The "do not disturb" feature of the Telo was turned on to eliminate the irritation of the incoming rings every hour. The result was 22 recorded "dial tone" msgs over approximately 22 hours. Each one required attention before deletion to see if it was an important message rather than just a dial tone.

Question: Is there a way to eliminate the phantom calls with a "tweek" rather than disconnecting the incoming telephone line from AT&T while waiting a month for the telephone number to port?

Configuration: Telo, new setup between cable modem and wireless router, waiting for existing phone number to port. House telephone line connected to Telo and incoming calls continue to come from At&T until telephone is ported. Outgoing calls through ethernet (Telo)

Telephone: wireless Panasonic Base Unit (with voice message answering machine turned off), and one Panasonic extention.

Thank You
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#61280 by southsound
Sun Aug 01, 2010 9:17 pm
Your situation is one of the many reasons most of us recommend against landline integration. Canceling your landline voicemail might help - we've heard that this can cause the behavior you are experiencing. My own recommendation is to call ooma customer support at 888-711-6662 and request that they give you a temporary ooma number until your port completes. Then set up Call Forward All Calls on your existing landline to send calls to the new temporary number. You can disconnect the landline as soon as ooma makes the change - but you should reboot your system to make the device grab a new profile from ooma's servers. This serves to keep your old number, to let you test the system to make sure it meets your needs, and also gets rid of the bugs and feature limitations of landline integration. Please don't ask me why ooma recommends landline integration during porting - I'm just not smart enough or gifted with a great enough imagination to give you an answer.

Note that I don't work for ooma (well, not in an official capacity, but I guess with all these posts, maybe I really do but just don't get paid) and the opinion above is just my own. YMMV. Welcome to ooma and to the forum! :cool:

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