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#60956 by ntoy
Thu Jul 29, 2010 8:35 am

Yes, would like to know the results to southound's suggestion. I don't have enough information to look up your mom's account, but did you speak directly to someone on our porting team. If you send me a pm on the details of your mom's account, I can check.

Yes, in my opinion, some phone providers play games. Obviously, they do not want to lose a customer.
#60966 by ray210
Thu Jul 29, 2010 11:01 am
Thanks for the suggestion, southsound. Unplugging the A/C and plugging it back in, etc. didn't work, unfortunately.

I called Verizon, having found the "work order" information by logging into Verizon, and it shows that there was an order put in for a July 27 disconnection of FiOS Voice Service -- July 27 being Ooma's projected date of port completion.

I called Verizon and asked them what was going on, as I'd never requested such a disconnect, and they said that they released my parents' number (which, they said, was still on their "switch"), and that it was some failure on the other end (i.e., a problem with the vendor who handles ports for Ooma), in that they failed to complete their part of the port. Ooma, of course, stated that they kept receiving rejections from Verizon in reply to a port request. The Verizon rep said I should give Ooma that work order number (that associated with the service disconnection), and that Ooma should be able to port over the number.

I called Ooma with this information and provided the Verizon work order number, which the rep conveyed to the porting department while I was on hold. He said it would be another 3-4 weeks before the port was completed (if, indeed, it's completed). In the meantime, my parents can only make outgoing, not incoming calls, using a virtual number that displays as their old number (the one I'm trying to keep for them and have ported to Ooma). He said it's something like one or three months before the number becomes available to the general public -- that it can't just immediately be snapped up by someone else.

Don't know what else to do but wait....
#60967 by ntoy
Thu Jul 29, 2010 11:08 am
If the main number on your parent's Ooma account is configured with their Landline(Verizon), an option maybe:

-Contact support & have them change it to a temp number.
-If they have Call Forwarding feature with Verizon, they can configure the Verizon number to forward ALL calls to
the Ooma temp number until porting completes.
#60968 by ray210
Thu Jul 29, 2010 11:13 am
Thanks for these suggestions. I think the situation is that there's no more call forwarding with Verizon because there's no phone service with Verizon anymore - just internet. So I think they're out of luck there. I think they're working with a temporary number - a virtual one, I believe the rep said, but their old number shows up on caller ID for outgoing calls because, until the 1 or 3 months are up, it's still "assigned" in some manner to them. Thanks, though.

ntoy wrote:If the main number on your parent's Ooma account is configured with their Landline(Verizon), an option maybe:

-Contact support & have them change it to a temp number.
-If they have Call Forwarding feature with Verizon, they can configure the Verizon number to forward ALL calls to
the Ooma temp number until porting completes.
#61482 by ray210
Wed Aug 04, 2010 8:30 am
This is a NIGHTMARE. :x

By email last night, Ooma informed be that the number has been ported to another service. My parents' Verizon account now shows that the number is their account number again (when the number had been disconnected by Verizon per a work order I didn't not authorized but which was based on Ooma's estimated July 27, 2010 port completion date). I just called Ooma, and they explained that ntoy had indeed escalated the issue, but that the head of porting and his chief engineer reported back that the number had been ported to another service. The Ooma rep said that I had to call Verizon and see what happened.

The exceedingly rude (surprise) Verizon representative I just spoke with, Ms. [conveniently inaudible mumble] insisted, in essence, that I'm a moron and that this never happened - that Verizon never disconnected the service because porting over a number from Verizon would require an active line. I told her that a Ms. Thomas at Verizon had told me a few days ago that the number was available on Verizon's switch for XO or Ooma to port to XO's or Ooma''s system. Lies, she said, in essence -- she was on the warpath. Ms. [inaudible] said that indeed there was no voice service (she called my parents' number) and said that the line was disconnected (duh). She said that all of this is my fault for requesting that the number be disconnected before any port (as an active line was required for a port). Of course, I did no such thing: Verizon itself generated an order request to disconnect my service (I have a PDF printout of the Order Request) on July 27 -- Ooma's projected completion date for the port.

I was transferred to Retention at Verizon (Ms. [inaudible] had enough of me), presumably to have some kind of voice service reinstated in relation to the phone number. She connected to the wrong customer service dept. and I was transferred to FiOS customer service/retention/whatever. I guess they wanted me to reinstate FiOS voice. Awesome.

Ms. Martin at FiOS (again, another nasty rep) insisted that the number isn't with Verizon. "Did I talk to [Ooma]?" she asked. Duh. That's why I was calling Verizon. So she's checking who has the number, which she may not be able to tell me -- all of this despite an Ooma rep's insistence that there's a one-month grace period before numbers can be snapped-up by others (that is, people other than those to whom the number originally belonged). I'm put on hold again, while she's on hold to learn more about where the phone number now is. She sees that the FiOS digital voice service was disconnected as - she was able to find that the number order DID COMPLETE and it did port out to ANOTHER COMPANY (XO???) -- the order they (XO/Ooma) placed DID PROCESS and was done as a port and it moved to another company. The only thing that rang false is that when I asked for either the date of the order or the date of the port completion, she stated July 27 (Ooma's projected date, prior to which they said Verizon was rejecting the port). When I asked her why my parents Verizon account number has reverted to their telephone number, she insisted that the only account number she sees before her is a wholly different number.

Verizon's worse than the worst government bureaucracy. Ooma seems as helpless and ineffectual as a kitten in the woods. It's all very sad. My parents should just get rid of their landline altogether and use non-Verizon Wireless (whether partially owned by Vodafone or not, I don't care) mobile phones.

Calling Ooma again (invariably polite, just rather helpless). Can they ask XO if they have the number and failed to "switch it on" with my parents' Ooma Telo?
#61516 by lbmofo
Wed Aug 04, 2010 11:45 am
This means Verizon didn't release the number and they still have it. The only way I think is to get the number active again with Verizon and then have ooma kick off the porting process again. The snafu was with Verizon I believe.

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