911 "long distance"

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911 "long distance"

Post by leejosepho » Sun Jul 25, 2010 11:43 am

I have my Telo connected here in Louisiana, area code 318, and my Ooma number is in an area code (574) in Indiana. While using my Ooma line to sit here and pre-program the one-touch functions of a phone to be used by my mother-in-law in a nearby nursing home, I inadvertently dialed 911 then quickly hung up when I heard the call ringing ... and within just a few minutes two police officers were knocking on my door to check on my "911 hangup" call. I am quite impressed to now know 911 works on my Ooma line as it does, but I wonder whether anyone here might be able to explain how it did. How did my Ooma in Indiana's 574 area code send a 911 call to dispatch here in Louisiana 318 and even include my street address?

I thanked the officers for making the followup, I showed them how the call had happened and I assured them it would not happen again!

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Re: 911 "long distance"

Post by southsound » Sun Jul 25, 2010 12:30 pm

When you registered your account you gave ooma a Service Address. It is listed at my.ooma.com under Account. This is the address that is used for E911 so this is just a reminder to many to make sure that it is the correct address of where the ooma device is located. If a person travels on an extended vacation, good practice is to update the fields on that page with the new location.

Most communities treat a 911 hangup as an emergency. We had a storm and short power failure at one time when I had only a Qwest landline. My wife had been on the call when it disconnected. A little while later, she noticed lights at the dogleg in our gated 400' driveway. We decided to investigate, but since we live in the country, I grabbed my trusty 12-guage short barrel pump shotgun. I was holding it (loaded and ready to go) in my left hand as I opened our front door with my right. Imagine the surprise when I stood face to face with an officer from the county sheriff's department. He calmly asked if I would put the shotgun down to which I responded with a very plolite, "Yes, Sir!" We both laughed about it as I explained why I was coming out armed and he was there. Seems that the phone company equipment that serves our home has a history of sending out false 911 hangups but they are required to respond to each one. I feel very blessed that we live in the country and not some big city where the officer would have had every right to shoot first before asking me to drop the weapon.
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