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Tue Jun 15, 2010 4:11 pm

I have my router in another room and there I am putting my ooma hub. Now I do not have any space to printer just besides ooma hub as my printer is in the other room

What are the options, I have connect phone line to my printer which is different room.

Also, I read somewhere "Please note that you may need to insert a pause or two in the dialing sequence after entering the *99 prefix and before entering the Fax number"

What does Inserting Pause means?

#58043 by ntoy
Wed Jun 16, 2010 8:57 am

In order to use your fax machine with Ooma, you must connect the fax machine to the "Phone" port on the back of the Hub. A Y splitter may also be used to connect to the "Phone" port on the hub.

The pauses refer to your fax when dialing out: sometimes it is required to generate a pause while dialing the number. The pause may be needed in various situations where a delay between dialed digits is necessary. For example, it may be necessary to enter an extension number after a few seconds.

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