Dreaded red blinking light

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Re: Dreaded red blinking light

Post by MPDano » Sat Jun 18, 2011 6:51 am

thunderbird wrote:
MPDano wrote:Hmm, mine is doing this now too. I had dial tone earlier about 2 hours ago but couldn't call out or in. It was actually normal as far as lights. Now it's got the blinking red logo. Would be nice to get a courtesy email when these updates are going to happen. We are VOIP you know.
If it's still blinking, remove power from your Modem, Ooma, Router. Wait fifteen minutes. Repower your Modem, when the modem is done powering, repower what ever is connected to the Modem (Ooma or Router). When that is done powering, repower what is left.
I actually left mine alone since it was getting late anyways. Woke up this morning and all lights Green. Made a call without issue. I must have went through a upgrade. Pulling the plug on any Device while upgrading is bad. This is why I said that Ooma should let us customers know when they are doing this.
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