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#3665 by ska
Fri Feb 27, 2009 6:06 pm
Ooma notified me on 2/26/09 via email that my phone port has been completed successfully, and I can go ahead and cancel the service with my current provider, Vonage, which I did on 2/27/09. (Note that Vonage had initially ported this number from Sunrocket ~2 years ago.)
It is now coming to my attention that starting 2/27/09, I am no longer getting calls from people with Vonage service. When calling my number Vonage subscribers are getting message "this number is not in service." Has anyone seen this? Note that I can call out ANY number and anybody OTHER THAN Vonage can call me in. The only issue is calling from Vonage to Ooma is not working. This is completely unacceptable!!!

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