Porting not easy

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Porting not easy

Post by Terry » Tue May 25, 2010 5:43 pm

First of all I purchased Ooma for the expectation that I would be able to do away with my current phone service. However, I have been told by the Tech team that I should try in a week to see if they would be able to port my number. But when I ask what difference it would make today rather than a week from now they give me the same answer because they do not understand good customer service and English. If I had known that in Vermont it would be hard to get a "carrier" then I would have gone in another direction. At this point I do not want to pay for OOma and the landline.

Would somebody tell me how to get a carrier. And why do I have to keep checking. When Ooma gets one they should let me know.

Also, when you request from your phone company a dry loop make sure that they create an entirely new number for the DSL other wise your incoming phone calls will get a disconnected message. Ooma needs to explain that clearly.

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Re: Porting not easy

Post by lbmofo » Tue May 25, 2010 5:59 pm

Are you in landline integration mode?

I'd call customer service, get ooma away from landline integration mode, get a temp number from ooma.

To hold on to the number from your landline company, get the cheapest prepaid cell plan to port your number to so you can hold on to it; this will cancel your landline service.

Apply for google voice at http://google.com/voice then wait to see if ooma can port your number in first or google voice.
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