telo is acting weird

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telo is acting weird

Post by abe » Thu May 20, 2010 4:53 pm

I bought my telo 4 month ago, it is working perfect except for 2 minor problem:
Immediately after instalation I found out that when I hangup after each call (incoming or outgoing) my handset shows I have an incoming call for 2minutes and I can't dial any number durig these 2 minutes and obviously there is no incoming call.First I tought it maybe from my motorola phone (connected to telo) but after I checkd this phone with my ooma hub I realized is not the phone it is telo.
The 2nd problem is many of my calls that goes over 20minutes ( not all of them) get disconnected and I have to dial that number again,
Any help greatly apperciated.

My system is ooma telo
My Phone is motorola dect6.0 model L301 single handset
Telo located between modem& router

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