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#55512 by joomak1
Fri May 14, 2010 4:51 am
Call forwarding does not seem to work. Changing settings in my.ooma does not register with the overall ooma system. I worked all day yesterday with support on this issue. If my.ooma said "call forward all" it would do a "multi-ring" If my.ooma said "multi-ring" it would do "call forward all" or maybe "call forward network outage". After 3 different support people, and MANY calls back and forth, as well as hub reboots, OOMA finally admitted "this is a known problem, and we are working on it". They said " can we reset it for you, and then can you call us whenever you want to change call forwarding". I said yes, so they changed me to "call forward network outage" (supposedly). Well, the my.ooma still says "call forward all" but the system behaves differently. If I dial my ooma number, it does "call forward all" - whether my ooma hub is online, OR off line. If I dial a landline number, that I have forwarded to my ooma number, the ooma RINGS! Now, rebooting the ooma hub has frozen the hub. It cannot "register to the ooma network", according to the troubleshooting portion of the manual. I see NO evidence in these forums that support is aware of the issue. Does anyone else have similar problems, ideas?

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