PORT: Another Porting issue

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PORT: Another Porting issue

Post by dklane012 » Mon Feb 23, 2009 1:46 pm


I thought I would add my hat into the ring because I, too, have started a port request around January 23rd, 2009. My old carrier was T-Mobile - a T-Mobile@Home number(the WORST VoIP provider I have ever used - and I've had several).

So, I called Ooma last week and was told to wait until I got confirmation of the porting date. Well, Friday at 5PM PST my number starting ringing 'BUSY' on T-Mobile's side so I thought the port was in process, thought I would just wait for it to complete.

That never happened - it has now been 3 days with no word from Ooma, so I called again. They said there is still no word from the carrier. They said to call T-Mobile and make sure they didn't just cancel my number ahead of time.

However, they did give me some helpful info. They told me that XO Communications now had ownership of the number - I think Ooma is an XO reseller - and that the port completed on 2.20.09 at 5PM PST. They were very helpful.

Soo, OOMA! - XO has the number, XO requested the port be completed by 2.20 - through you I am supposing! And your people haven't communicated that clearly to your own team. XO now has my number and you haven't enabled my line!!! People really REALLY need the porting process to work better.

I can't recommend you to others unless this improves - and within my circle of influence I am the 'gadget guy' - the one who gets stuff first and then everyone follows suit - and I only recommend stuff that works. Let me tell you that no one I have EVER run into will EVER buy T-Mobile@Home, I guarantee it.

What do I need to do to get this completed?!?!?!

Please help.

UPDATE - So, I called back in after verifying the XO Communications completion.

AND GUESS WHAT?! - Richard on the Ooma support team is a LIFE SAVER!
When I told him that XO had completed the port on 2/20, he said 'please hold', and in 2 minutes the port was completed. I also had him add back my new Ooma number and now I have both a local area code number and my old number from my other state.

I can set the caller ID I prefer to show outbound and inbound BOTH numbers ring. Ahhhh, finally!!!!

Ooma, you are killing yourself by not having your support staff all know that if a customer calls in and the line is disconnected from a port that most likely the port was completed and customers can be made happy in about 3 minutes!


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Re: PORT: Another Porting issue

Post by trim81 » Mon Feb 23, 2009 4:07 pm

hmm... I guess they are short staffed and don't have enough employees to terminate the port.

This REALLY SUCKS. --I am awaiting a port now, and pray that my number will not go dead for more than 1 hour.... its a home business line, so this would be a nightmare!

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