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#3120 by navarre
Wed Feb 18, 2009 5:15 pm
I have two issues that I have repeatedly sent to customer service for:

1. Number Porting Request

Immediately after activating my service, I started the porting process. The LOA/Provisioning department confirmed my paperwork on January 23, 2009. I got an e-mail asking for a phone bill from my current carrier on January 26, 2009; followed by an assurance that I would be contacted with a date shortly.

Sadly, I have e-mailed and phoned without any updates on the porting request.

2. International Phone Credits

When I purchased the ooma device, there was a promotion for a $50 International Call Credit.

Again, I have e-mailed and phones without any updates on the credit.


February 18, 2009

Today, starting at 10:55 AM ET, I started to dial the support number so that I could find the narrow window where the Night Message would roll-over to the agent-on-duty.

When I spoke with the attendant, he took my information--after I followed the prompts for the Porting Updates--and promptly informed me that he could not get me any updates because the provisioning department would have to get an update.

I really, really like the ooma service but am now fearful that the downfall of the service is going to be the lack of attentive customer service--especially for the very non-technical users; who would really benefit from having this service.

Please ooma, pay attention to this message as there are many in the community who are not leaving CallVantage, Vonage and other VoIP providers specifically for the latency of your Customer Service.



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Since January 2009
#3123 by Bobby B
Wed Feb 18, 2009 5:51 pm
We'll take care of these two issues for you. I expect we'll see resolution by the morning.
#3195 by Bobby B
Thu Feb 19, 2009 5:58 pm
Sigh...let me set a reminder for myself to go speak with them in the morning. Sorry about this delay.
#3202 by tjnamtiw
Thu Feb 19, 2009 8:55 pm
Bobby B wrote:Sigh...let me set a reminder for myself to go speak with them in the morning. Sorry about this delay.

this IS a common complaint on this board and others that I hope gets cleared up soon. I want to see ooma survive and prosper. I DON'T want a $250 'brick' sitting on my desk..........................
#3314 by navarre
Sun Feb 22, 2009 1:10 pm
I agree, this is the main reason that I decided to post in the forum.

Quick Update

I received an e-mail on Saturday morning (February 21, 2009) from the ooma Provisioner who will be handling my order.

It appears that they had not even started on my request to port the number--after signing up for ooma Premier on January 23, 2009 and completing all of the LOA forms and porting request.

So after (1) one full-month of having my paperwork in, they claim that they were unable to read the attachment type which my phone bill was submitted in. This prevented them from doing anything.

Lessons Learned

I do not think that the focus from a customer support perspective is in the wrong place--but when a customer buys *everything* that the vendor offers as their "Premier" level of service, then there should be some attention.

Not responding to a customers multiple requests is just going to make things worse.

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#4143 by navarre
Sat Mar 07, 2009 8:04 pm
Saturday, March 07, 2009

Attention New ooma Customers:

I would strongly recommend against trying to move your service over to the ooma brand.

Reason #1: Customer Service Non-Responsive

example: Multiple contacts through the Support Number and E-mail resulted in zero contact back to me as a paying Premier Customer ($99).

Reason #2: Over-taxed system for Porting Numbers

example: Multiple contacts through the LOA group were not answered. Original porting request placed on January 23, 2009 with no port as of today 3/7/2009.

Reason #3: Cost of existing service; factor in 3 additional months of services

example: I was going to save all of this money with ooma--well after January, February and now March bills from my other VoIP provider, I am $75 behind in my recovery of funds for the initial ooma purchase of $375.

Overall the service quality is great--but with the lack of customer service and the extra costs are going to derail a lot of the customers moving over to save money.

Final Ruling: If I had it all to do again, I would not port my number to ooma based on the lack of Customer Service.

A "Very Dissatisfied" ooma Customer
Since January 2009

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