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#3028 by trigler
Sun Feb 15, 2009 2:14 pm
I talked to customer service on the 12th of January to port my number. I received the LOA and forms on the 13th and returned them on the 14th. All of January. It's now been over four weeks since I started the porting process. I like the service, but am a little disheartened by the fact that having done everything requested of me -- not the least of which was to buy Ooma -- and notwithstanding the fact they say 3-4 weeks, I'm still not ported and still having to pay a phone bill.

I really would appreciate some attention to this if anyone can help.


#3036 by frenchcamp49er
Sun Feb 15, 2009 7:57 pm
Same here, I emailed and they responded they still have no date. I want to dump AT&T ASAP, but I'm still being held up.
#3038 by murphy
Sun Feb 15, 2009 8:11 pm
frenchcamp49er wrote:Same here, I emailed and they responded they still have no date. I want to dump AT&T ASAP, but I'm still being held up.

Until AT&T provides ooma with a transfer date there is nothing ooma can do. I imagine that doing the paper work to transfer the number is a low priority for AT&T.
#3053 by magichael
Mon Feb 16, 2009 12:16 pm
I am also in the middle of a porting request. I faxed in the LOA on February 8. It is now Feb 16 (5 full business days have passed, and today is a holiday), and I still haven't had a word as to if my fax was even received, and if the process has started! I called cust. serv. last Friday, and after about 25 min. got through to a person about the porting request, and they said that they don't handle the faxes, so they would send my request to whoever handles the faxes. And that's the last I've heard. I may be one of thousands of port requests, but I think it would be VERY effective if Ooma could simply let people know within a few days that their Fax has been received. Then it wouldn't be so bad waiting. But when it's total silence from Ooma, you have no idea what to do or who to contact!
#3054 by murphy
Mon Feb 16, 2009 12:28 pm
I emailed my LOA and received an email acknowledgment 7 days later.
#3057 by scots
Mon Feb 16, 2009 1:04 pm
I initiated my port request on January 16 after signing up for Premier. I immediately received an e-mail with instructions and a PDF of the form I needed to fill out. I faxed everything to ooma on January 21 and received an e-mail from "Laurie" on January 23 stating that they had received everything they needed to perform the port. The e-mail stated that I'd receive another e-mail when they receive a due date for port completion. This past Friday was 3 weeks since I received the e-mail from Laurie, and I haven't heard anything this whole time. I hope it goes through soon so I can get rid of my old provider and quit paying for that phone line!
#3059 by magichael
Mon Feb 16, 2009 2:02 pm
Just now received my email that the port request has been received, and now awaiting the next email with a projected completion date. I don't know if someone read my post on this board, or if it's just coincidence. The email came about 2 or 3 hours after my post! Either way, I'm glad for a little progress! We only use our Ooma for outgoing calls for now, which so far has been mostly excellent quality. I can't wait to get rid of the monthly phone bill!
#3093 by Baturro
Tue Feb 17, 2009 7:02 pm
It's been over a month for me and I have yet to receive any confirmation at all. I returned form and faxed my bill back in early January. I'm wondering if I should start process all over again. I've emailed Support but I have not heard from them.
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#3099 by trigler
Wed Feb 18, 2009 8:31 am
If you redo the request, I would suggest faxing it. It seems in the forum responses that people who faxed had better luck and quicker responses. I emailed mine, which may have been a mistake. I did receive acknowledgement three weeks after I emailed it, after I emailed support.
#3433 by trigler
Tue Feb 24, 2009 12:05 pm
Just got an email telling me my porting request is being completed tomorrow. That's six weeks after my original request, and three weeks after getting an acknowledgement from Ooma. I really think that faxing is better than email. Once I complained here, Mojo helped me and turned it over to the appropriate people, three weeks after my original request, and I got an acknowledgement that they had received the material needed. Three weeks from that date, I get an email saying it will be completed. Yippee!! I can now save money.

Other than that, the system has been working perfectly since I first got it hooked up. Thank you Ooma.


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