Can One Communications Be The Problem?

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Re: Can One Communications Be The Problem?

Post by caseybea » Fri Feb 05, 2010 6:59 am

GWM: Just because you have a "fast" internet connection doesn't mean you have a "good" connection. There are other variables. Things that can come into play-- your router, your wiring, VOIP characteristics of your RR connection, etc.

*IF* you want us here in the forums to help you, please answer the following questions:

1) How is your ooma device connected?
a) (cable-modem >>> ooma >>> router)
b) (cable-modem >>> router >>> ooma)

2) what are the results of the VOIP-specific test linked below?

If you don't feel like providing those answers, then there's nothing that we in the forums can do. On the other hand, WITH that information, we can jointly be quite helpful and try to figure out why your calls are dropping.
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Re: Can One Communications Be The Problem?

Post by amoney » Fri Feb 05, 2010 5:53 pm

GWM wrote:I had BOTH the RR & Telo CS on the phone. The RR guy asked me who my phone service provider was. The Telo guy said One Communications! RR chked things & BLATANTLY said u r FASTER than NORMAL! Gee, I ALREADY KNEW THAT! When the Telo CS guy said One Communication was OUR service provider, that got me to thinking why aren't we calling THEM 4 ALL of our problems?

Alright you have Road runner for your ISP.

Hense your ISP service provider is Road Runner (Ooma is your VOIP provider), I do not know if road runner is in any shape form or fashion "partnered" with One Communications as indicated by Ooma CS.

Perhaps causing the confusion is this question of "provider"... perhaps specify provider of what???

I am interpreting Road Runner CS asking "who" your "voip" provider is, which would be Ooma. Unless the question was referring to your possible landline, again you should know this info more so then Ooma CS. Did you integrate with your landline. I doubt this is what was ment in this question.

Anyways, I think there is a total misunderstanding between all CS.

Just to clarify.

Your Road Runner ISP provides the internet connection out to the WWW. Ooma takes over and provide VOIP over your internet connection and routes it through Ooma partners carriers (other VOIP network and telephone network providers) that connect your call.

So your call depends upon 2 factors, your ISP provider, and Oomas partner "carriers". Why Ooma is referrencing One communications, I dont know, but if you dont pay them anything, then they are NOT your provider.

But to continue with troublesooting, and to elliminate blame on your ISP Road Runner, test your connection speed.

Next tell us your modem/router, and setup, and by chance did you integrate with your landline, did you havea landline??? Or did you get a new Ooma number.

Once you can put the blame on Ooma, then it is Ooma responsibility to troubleshoot its partner carriers (i.e. service provider based on your location and where your calling to or receiveing from).
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Re: Can One Communications Be The Problem?

Post by Davesworld » Fri Feb 05, 2010 7:03 pm

GWM wrote:Speed is NOT an issue. I have RoadRunner. 25.45Mbs 0.95Mbs.
Which tells us nothing at all about jitter, latency or packet loss, all very important for voip.

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