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#44106 by PasadenaTelo
Wed Jan 27, 2010 3:29 pm
Want to keep my ooma telo as a second phone line, but port my phone number back to AT&T. I placed an order to go back to AT&T and having some challenges with that. I want a new phone number on my Telo. What process should I use for what I want to do?
#44822 by PasadenaTelo
Mon Feb 01, 2010 9:53 am
Well, since I found no documentation and no response from Ooma on the correct way of handling this procedure, I've had to guess that that is. I went to the AT&T website and selected the "Come back to AT&T Option" with a special returning customer price (although it is more expensive at $35 per month before taxes and fees than I was paying before). I placed the AT&T order on Jan 24th and don't plan to do anything about notifying/coordinating with ooma. Hopefully when my number gets ported back to AT&T, ooma doesn't charge me a reconnect fee to get a different number for a second line at home. If they do try to charge me a reconnect fee, I will ebay the Telo plus handset and write off the 11 months of premier left over as a mistake in judgement.

On Janary 26th I got a call from AT&T to make that someone is home on Feb 2 to verify the phone service is turned up. Wow, I thought, AT&T much faster at porting numbers back to themselves. Alas, it was not to be, on January 28th, AT&T calls back and says the order was rejected by my current service provider and they need to confirm that the current service provider is Ooma (huh?-rejected by current provider but AT&T needs to know who the current provider is?) and whether I ordered Uverse or regular phone service (I've since learned what Uverse is, but have no idea why there was a question about it).

Update as of Feb 1st, AT&T still waiting to hear back from Ooma on a release date for my phone number. Supposedly, AT&T has corrected the misunderstanding about Uverse or not. AT&T rep says that ports coming back to AT&T usually take 3 to 10 days, which I assume started on Jan. 28th when I confirmed service was with Ooma and no Uverse.

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