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#43668 by ciamarie
Sun Jan 24, 2010 5:40 pm
Hi all. This is my first post, but I've found helpful info. during searches over the last couple of months which I appreciated.

I got an ooma core (hub & scout) from back in Nov of 2009, and when I set it up I selected landline integration. I have dsl through qwest and wanted to try out ooma and thought I'd be able to get a measured local service to augment my dsl and ooma service, as backup. I discovered there was no measured or minimum local service available anymore through qwest and having just local service (without long-distance or voice mail, etc) was going to be about $25/mo after you added in fees and taxes (to which I said 'you're kidding me!') -- so I'm now on a data only / dsl plan -- no dialtone.

I didn't port my old number; most of my incoming calls were telemarketers so I decided to just go with a new number.

I read somewhere that when you choose landline integration that ooma uses your local service for local calls and 911, and that might explain why my brother (who is a local call) said that when I call there it shows 'ooma inc' on the caller ID instead of my name. It's also possible I made the wrong selection when I originally activated my account in regards to caller ID, but currently in the ooma setup page the part where you can check to not show your name on caller ID is not checked.

Perhaps I should make these separate threads, but I thought they might be related. My first and most important question is: how do I get my name to show up on outgoing caller ID instead of 'ooma inc' ? And my second question, should I change something in my set-up to reflect that I'm not using landline integration; without messing up my scout that's plugged into a phone jack in a different room than the hub?
#43671 by hpepper
Sun Jan 24, 2010 6:07 pm
Both fixes need to be done by Ooma CS. The caller ID problem has nothing to do with your landline integration. Back when I started using Ooma back in April 09, I did not do landline integration and it took them a while to get caller ID working right. It said "Ooma Inc." for a while.

You will also need to have Ooma CS remove landline integration on your system as well.

and one more thing... welcome to Ooma and the forums.

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