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#43608 by blackpippi
Sat Jan 23, 2010 6:47 pm
My outgoing caller ID currently shows my name when I make a call, but my husband would like his own ID. What I want is to be able to make a call and it shows my name. An hour later, my husband picks up the same phone and he (types in some numbers? hits the flash key?) and it shows his name.

First, I know I can hook up the Scout and buy a separate phone, but I don't want more phones lying around. I would consider a 2 line phone system if that would help though the cost of 2 line phones is quite expensive and I'm happy with the one line cordless phones that we have now.

When I look at the Phone Number Preferences under My Ooma Account, I don't understand the difference between adding a new phone number or adding a new device.

I know I can pay $12 to have the current ID changed, but since I'm paying for the Premier service I'd like to maximize the services it provides and optimally we want our own outgoing ID's, not a mash up of our last names. Also, we're perfectly happy with the one number coming in though we're open to having two phone numbers since we are paying for the service anyway. I just really don't want to have to buy new phones if at all possible.

My configuration:
I have an Ooma Hub with DSL no landline. Premier service. Own a Scout but it's not hooked up or registered.
#43643 by bw1
Sun Jan 24, 2010 6:39 am
Since you have Premier, you can have 2 phone numbers. If you haven't already selected a 2nd phone number, you can do that through my.ooma (it may currently be broken from what I've read and you may have to call customer support). When you select the 2nd phone number, you can select a unique caller id.

After you have 2 phone numbers, you can call out using the primary phone number by picking up the phone and dialing (the default). You can call out using the 2nd phone number and its caller id by dialing **1 before dialing the number to be called.

Since both are shared, all calls coming into either number will ring all phones connect to the Hub and you don't have to have the scout hooked up.

FYI, you may want to hook up the scout with a second phone so that you can access the instant second line which will allow 2 people to carry on 2 conversations with 2 different parties.
#43723 by blackpippi
Mon Jan 25, 2010 11:17 am
Thank you for your help. I ended up spending about an hour to get this resolved, but this is what I discovered:

The outgoing caller ID can only be changed by contacting Ooma support. It does not matter if the second number is shared with the hub or dedicated to a scout. There is no place online to change the caller ID. You are allowed one free name change and after that the cost is $12. The process takes 5-10 business days.

My thoughts:
When I registered my Ooma a year ago, I was surprised that there was not a box to designate what you want your caller ID to be. The obvious thing for Ooma to do is add an ID box when new numbers are created. Barring that, Ooma at the very least should allow one free ID change PER NUMBER. I asked customer support and they stated definitively that no matter how many phone numbers you have, you only get one free ID change for the life of the system.
#43825 by bw1
Mon Jan 25, 2010 7:36 pm
Well, having one free change is good, since I don't think anyone has mentioned that before.

One thing they could add on activation is a display of what your caller id will look like before you submit, since it is based on the first and last name you enter when you activate.

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