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#42667 by Rus
Wed Jan 20, 2010 5:32 am
For informational purposes - Just got an Ooma Hub and installed it. After doing so I started having network problems with all the computers and other devices (XBOX 360, iTouch, and Wii). After a little troubleshooting I isolated the problem down to my wireless router. First I stared down the QoS road. When performing speed tests to discover what my upload and download speeds were, my router crashed everytime. I logged into the router and even though the router asks me to find out if there is a newer firmware upgrade out there, it would always say it was up to date. I went to the vendor's website (Netgear) and discovered my router was more than a few firmware versions behind. I manually downloaded and forced an upgrade to the router. After that, everything is OK. I can play XBOX live and my wife can be on the phone at the sametime. I don't have any lag when playing online and she doesn't experience any problems or degradation in phone service/quality.

If you do try to upgrade your router, be sure to capture all your setting before starting and have a physical connection to the router.

Good luck... :D

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