Will I lose my main number?

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Will I lose my main number?

Post by scotty12 » Wed Jan 13, 2010 12:25 pm

Maybe I'm just paranoid, but my experience of calling the CSR isn't pleasant, which makes me wonder whether they know they are doing. Here is the scenario:

I bought a hub and scout in Nov-09 and had two temporary numbers when I initialized the devices. I subscribed the Premier service submited the phone porting request on the website to transfer my main number from Vonage. It got transferred in Dec-09 without any problem. Everything went smoothly so far.

When I tried to port my second number (also from Vonage), I found that the web form seemed to indicate that it would have to replace my main number. As suggested by some post on the forum, I called the CSR and asked her to do it for me on 12/29. What she did was actually: (1) removed my temporary second number; (2) changed a device name to the number I wanted to port; (3) charged me $39.99 (shown on 12/31). When I called today, anotehr CSR told me that they didn't have any record on the second phone porting request and the $39.99 charge is associated with the porting request of my main number. I tried to explain that the $39.99 is included in the Premier subscription fee, but he didn't seem to understand that. Fine, it's probably easier to deal with my credit card company.

Then I asked whether I can resubmit the request, and what he did is no different than if I did it myself on the website. He asked for my password (which is always weird) and submitted the form for me. I emphasized several times that please making sure that my main number wouldn't be replaced, and he said it wouldn't as he had put a note on the request.

Qestion to other Ooma customers: Does someone have a similar experience porting a second phone number? Will it be just smooth and fine?

Qestion to Ooma support: I suppose you're more knowledgable than those CSRs. Would it be possible for you to remove the $39.99 charge on my account on 12/31?


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Re: Will I lose my main number?

Post by bluto » Wed Jan 13, 2010 7:17 pm

Not sure if this will help put your mind at ease, but I am soon to be in a similar boat...

I have two ATT Uverse lines that I am in the process of converting to ooma lines. Before starting the process, I contacted a CSR to make certain that I could do what you are aiming to do as well. The only caution given to me by the rep was to port the secondary ATT line first (otherwise, the porting of the main line first would potentially cause me to lose the secondary line from ATT). I'm new to ooma, but I have had VoIP phones since 2004. If your main number was successfully ported from Vonage, I would wager that you'll be OK.

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