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#40901 by caseybea
Fri Jan 08, 2010 2:11 pm
Customer experience #1: Used the email link to email a question I had about my account. Never received a response. This seems typical.

Customer experience #2: CALLED them today about same question. Was put on hold for 12 minutes before reaching a human. The support person did not clearly understand my question [I am guessing english language barrier issues] - and had me navigate to part(s) of the ooma account website and asked me to click on things that did not exist.

Overall, I am not impressed.

I verified the call center I reached is located in the Phillipines. Oh goody.

Ooma staff/management: This has been said here before, and I'm going to echo the sentiment: It doesn't matter *HOW* good your product is-- if you don't have good timely support behind it, you're going to fail as a company.

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