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#40860 by Potts
Fri Jan 08, 2010 9:31 am
Yes I can also see why the Scout is not good for faxing.
#44305 by Davesworld
Thu Jan 28, 2010 5:00 pm
caseybea wrote:Internet:
Your internet service is KEY. I am certain that the reason I have apparently crystal clear ooma voice quality is because I have a rocking internet connection. 7mbs/464K time-warner (Roadrunner) cable. I personally don't think many DSL setups are worth the demands of ooma voip. Sure, it will "work", but I bet the audible quality has issues, hiccups, etc. There's a reason DSL is that much cheaper then cable. You just don't have the same bandwidth.

This is where you are very wrong. DSL typically has low latency and low jitter with no packet loss where cable connections are all over the map and you are at the mercy of your neighbors internet habits affecting your quality. Beside that, my upload speed is nearly twice that of yours with next to zero jitter and no packet loss as well as latency well under 50 milliseconds and I get this 24/7. I moved last Spring and took my dsl with me and the quality had not changed. I have cable TV and there is a very good reason I do not just go buy a modem and throw it in the mix. Bandwidth is one thing but with VOIP it's seldom the issue except upload speed. Bottom line is that my Verizon dsl behaves a lot closer to that of a carrier grade connection than most cable setups. With carrier grade and a high bandwidth codec, the voice quality should easily exceed analog pots.

You only stated your bandwidth, what is your jitter and latency as well as packet loss? 464 for upload is adequate for more than a few simultaneous phone conversations taking place in your household. The upload speed is always the limiting factor in voip unless your connection is symmetrical which is the case with a carrier grade (usually 200 dollars a month or more) connection.
#44308 by Davesworld
Thu Jan 28, 2010 5:13 pm
feartheturtle wrote:Happy for you! Hope you keep the faith! When all is finished we hope you are a satisfied premier customer; really!!!

What I'm most interested in is your daughters' call quality report. Since she has the Scout in her room, does that mean that the phone she uses is physically connected to the "phone port" on the Scout? Most users report that these calls are not worthy of comparison with calls made from the Hub. The problem will always be on the "non-Ooma" part of the call. If you have doubts, call your office phone and leave a test message from your daughter's phone. If you have the same results as me you will shudder!!

I have my scout hooked directly to the hub and am not using the house wiring and I left a message for myself from both the scout and the main hub and yes, the call quality of the scout in the outgoing direction is intelligible but scratchy. Definitely sub par.

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