Internet connection goes down almost daily now

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Re: Internet connection goes down almost daily now

Post by MsCoulter » Fri Jan 29, 2010 12:44 pm

davidm wrote:
MsCoulter wrote:{{Well, I would call them up and say its dead, let them send a replacement modem and see.}}

I ran out of quoting space in this forum! Anyway, I guess I could try asking the cable company to swap out the modem...after all, it is several yearts old. However, I don't think I can say its dead because that is not the case. I can say that I think it may have a problem and is knocking me off the Internet all the time.

BTW, still no word from ooma support. I emailed them through the website and also in a separate email to Somebody's asleep at the wheel!
What kind of router do you have (company and model)? Also your connection with Time Warner do you have standard road runner (or turbo) or do you have the road runner lite?

From your description my thoughts are on a poor or malfunctioning router. If a router gets more connections than it can handle it will often do what you describe and require a reset. This is especially common with older routers and when something such as bit torrent is used.

A TW technician ought to be able to scan your modem's log remotely and look for signs of connectivity problems having to do with the signal.
I have not called TW yet, but I did replace my router 2 days ago. I started a new thread about it because this one is so long. The title is very similar...I'll bump it up for you.

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